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The Image Processing Handbook

The Image
The Image Processing Handbook
John C. Russ (Auteur)

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Description du produit

Image Processing Handbook covers methods for two different purposes: improving the visual appearance of images to a human viewer preparing images for measurement of the features and structures present The handbook presents an extensive collection of image processing tools, enabling the user of computer-based system to understand those methods provided in packaged software and to program additions needed for particular applications. Comparisons are presented of different algorithms that may be used for similar purposes, including a selection of representative pictures from light and electron microscopes as well as macroscopic, satellite, and astronomical images. Image Processing Handbook examines the rapid, powerful developments in graphic information, covering the array of concepts and techniques in high-end imaging software. With balanced, complete descriptions, the text outlines frequency space methods with extensive mathematical presentation and spatial domain processing requiring only a modest technical background in mathematics or computers. The thrust of the book remains teaching by example: By seeing what various operations do to representative images, the reader will discover how and why to use them. Image Processing Handbook encourages the reader to use its information with a real source of images and a computer-based system as well as to freely experiment with different methods to determine the most appropriate for his or her particular needs. To facilitate the learning process, Reindeer Games in Charlotte, NC offers The Image Processing Tool Kit a CD-ROM containing more than 150 images and more than 150 Photoshop(r)-compatible plug-ins that implement the algorithms discussed. This revision of the established standard acts as a singular resource for professionals in the medical, biological, and materials sciences as well as a range of engineering venues, including electrical and computer engineering, optical engineering, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence. What's New in the Third Edition? More than 100 new examples Examination of surface imaging and related methods, including stereoscopy, structured light and moir patterns, SEM+X-ray analysis, ion probe confocal light microscopy, stylus instruments and scanned probe microscopes Visualization methods range images with and without color coding; rendering, wire frame, and ray tracing; and multiplane images Analysis methods for range images, especially surface reliefmaps the "Birmingham 14 measures of surface roughness, topographical analysis, fractal analysis, and wavelet methods Methods for multiplane images correlation, clustering, as well as vector and Boolean approaches to phase delineation Coverage of the latest developments in digital cameras and video Discussions on manual measurements and the basics of using the raw data to characterize structure Information on new developments in color printing, image data bases, and formats commonly used on the Internet Current references An appendix with useful Internet addresses More complete, self-contained chapters and examples

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